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The Grand Solmar vacation club was recently launched, offering members access to new benefits and resorts and new membership opportunities for purchasers. Many members and prospective clients may ask, what is the difference between a timeshare and a vacation club? There are several.

Solmar was one of the original timeshare resorts to open its doors in 1974 and began sales at the original Solmar Beach Club. Many members have beautiful memories of the original Solmar, the rooms on the beach, and the quaint Pacific side resort in the small town of Cabo San Lucas.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club luxury rooms

A few decades later, Playa Grande was added, then Solmar Beach Club made way for the Grand Solmar at Land’s End, and now Rancho San Lucas is being developed to the north of Cabo.

From traditional timeshare memberships in the ’80s and ’90s to a gated oceanfront community with real estate, fractional, and vacation ownership opportunities, the Solmar Resort Group has innovated vacation ownership memberships in Los Cabos for decades!

What are the main differences between Timeshare and Vacation Club?

While both options are top-rated, the vacation club is most popular with those looking for the ultimate flexibility. Traditional timeshares are offered a particular week, in a specific unit each year or every other year. This still works for many Grand Solmar and Playa Grande members.

However, many families shift their vacations between spring break, summer break, and even holiday breaks each year. Kids growing up, lifestyle changes and health reasons may all require flexibility with vacation plans. The Grand Solmar vacation club benefits are numerous for the large percentage of members!

Choice of the resort, you can vacation at all of the Solmar resorts and not be locked into one, or spend a few weeks in Cabo and split your time between resorts.

Flexibility on travel dates, pick your dates on the calendar and arrive when your schedule permits. If one year that happens to be Easter and the next it’s during the Summer, that’s fine; you have that option.
Flexibility with vacation style

A different unit size, for example, if the children are traveling with you, a two-bedroom is a great option! If the kids are off to college and it’s just the parents traveling, stay longer in a Master Suite.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Offering Luxury Upscaled

Split your week into getaways. If a week is too long, but you need a break, come for 3 or 4 days. Or use three nights at Rancho San Lucas and four nights at Land’s End.

Accelerate your time. Want to stay for longer? Accelerate your weeks, and check for restrictions on this benefit with Member Services, but this is a great way to enjoy your home resorts for longer intervals each year!

Whatever you own with Grand Solmar, timeshare, or vacation club, you have a great product and gorgeous resorts available! Life is short, and vacations are important, so when are you coming back to Cabo?

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